Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Notes

1. Revenge is coming back. Next week.

2. Community is also coming back. But no date has been set yet.

3. I worked out 3 times this week. And on one night we went to the track and did bleachers and lunges. I am still sore. But we did set two days a week to always go to the track. Apparently I like to torture myself. And running is torture.

4. I am going to run a 5k. I want to run the Blue Bell 5k in April. After you finish you get to eat all the Blue Bell you want. That is according to the website anyways.

5. One month down in the new year and I am rocking most of my resolutions. I have read 10 books this month, I have been working out, and I started trying to knit. I can only get the yarn on one needle, not the other. But I'll figure it out. 


Symantha said...

Maybe they're counting on how little people actually want ice cream after they RUN. And at this rate you'll read 120 books this year.