Monday, January 16, 2012

Prized by Caragh M. O'Brien

I read the first book in this Trilogy (yes, another young adult trilogy) last year. I have a lot of young adult series to finish up this year.

What I didn't like about the first book was the set up of the dystopian society. Now as the main character Gaia leaves one society, she falls into another dystopian society. I felt that the second society was better set up and I loved that.

However, the story had young adult written all over it where the first book did not. There was a love interest in the first book, but it wasn't weird. The characters knew each other for more than a day, they genuinely helped each other and Gaia didn't brood over the fact that she wasn't with the boy all the time.

But in the second story, it was quite opposite. Not only was there a love triangle, but there was a love square.  After the girl had talked to two of the boys for about 20 minutes. How does that happen? It just didn't seem real life, it seemed juvenile.

But... there were a lot of interesting themes suggested. I could imagine that some people would hate the books based on some of the choices that the main character made.

If you are looking for a good series, I would recommend these. I also don't know when the next book comes out yet.


Symantha said...

I hope you're keeping track of all these YA books that you like, because I'm gettin my butt back into gear on the reading thing.