Friday, April 27, 2012

Fab Friday

1. STAAR (our state assessment) is over for the year. Watching students take tests has got to be the most boring thing in the world. I can't read, grade, plan, have a cell phone, get on the computer etc. All I can do is "actively monitor" my students. I did some calf raises during it. Engaged my abs as I walked, but that is about as much I could do. BORING.

2. 24 days left of school. (Counting today)

3. This is the time of the year where I start planning for next year. I get anxious and find all these ideas I would love to try. I am going to try to implement some of them this year and see how they work.

4. I have finally decided what to get my masters in. As of now, it is a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. And A&M has a completely online program. I am so excited to get started, but it wouldn't be until January 2013. My final goal is to be a Director of Curriculum for a district.

5. I have worked out at least 3 times for the last 7 weeks (only taking the week of the wedding off) Unfortunately, I eat away my workouts (as Jullian Michaels says). I got to get that on the same page but food is so good!