Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where There's Smoke There's Fire

When you wake up at 1am to some weird sound, there is going to be some confusion. And you might have to pee.

When Chris and I finally determined it was our three smoke alarms going off, we went to work trying to turn them off. We kept pushing the buttons in our mostly asleep state and they just kept going off. We circled the rooms a few times before we realized something else might be up.

He checked the rest of the apartment and I opened the front door. There was smoke in the entry way and I quickly shut the front door.

Then I went to the bathroom. Because I had to go. I let Chris know about the smoke, but I needed to take 30 seconds.

Then I hear, "There's a fire. Call 911." I finish up my business and head outside, calling 911. The first thing Chris does is run upstairs to wake up our neighbor upstairs because it looks like that is where the smoke is coming from. (He wins the citizenship award for the year for that act.)

I see our other neighbor outside and his kids in the car.

We learned that the fire was actually at our neighbors who was already outside. Who knows how long he was out there, but he didn't call 911. Or bother to wake us up. There are only 3 apartments in our triplex and smoke travels. Especially up to the upstairs apartment.

I understand that accidents happens, there is not much we can do about that. I am pretty forgiving. I am not forgiving about NOT calling 911 when there is so much smoke, you had to open a window to get your kids out of the apartment or when you realize that your couldn't put the small fire out yourself.

Also, I had no idea what the night was going to hold once I saw the smoke. I didn't immediately see flames, so I figured I could spare the 30 seconds. But Chris thinks it is just the most horrible thing that I did that! Since I was outside for over an hour, I think I made the best decision.

We ended up being outside for a little over an hour while we waited for the fire department to check everything and clear out the smoke.

This is what the first department pulled out.