Saturday, April 28, 2012

Magic Trash

As I said, I am starting to try some new ideas for my class. This week I tried Magic Trash. I have a probably at the end of the day with trash all over my room. At the beginning of the year, some students would pick it up if I asked, but that gets old when you realized you are the only few doing it.

So... the process.

1. Scan the room and decided on the piece of Magic Trash.

2. Have the students pick up the trash telling them there is a piece of magic trash and whoever gets it, wins the prize.

3. Watch as they all scramble to pick up even the tiniest piece of paper.

4. Announce who won. Be as honest as you want. Pick a real piece of trash or pick a student who gets little recognition.

I did this today, and seriously it was amazing. Most students got up and participated. And those that didn't just didn't get a chance at some gum. (Yes, one stick of gum is what it takes. They would get excited over a cup of ice. Which i have also used before.)