Sunday, June 10, 2012

Inviting All

Chris and I are currently attending a branch. There are about 40 members who come regularly. It seems that half are actually from nearby wards who are called to attend the branch and help out.

We have been called as Young Men's and Young Women's presidents. It is most definitely out of my comfort zone.

Chris isn't as lucky as me and doesn't get to teach every Sunday. (Sometimes there are no young men.) I do get to teach. The church updates the manuals every year with some current conference talks, personal progress goals, and Mormon Messages. (Because these are the same manuals that were used when I was in Young Women.) I love the updates.

The Mormon Messages are my favorite. I have used one almost every week I've taught.

This is a good video that works for the condition our branch is in now. It is amazing that all it has to take is inviting someone to come to church, or meet with the missionaries or read the Book of Mormon. This reminds me that we always have to trust that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can work in everybody's life. We don't need to be afraid to share.