Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday 5

1. I went to the dentist this week. I have problems with my teeth. I really do everything I can to keep them healthy but I still have cavities every time I visit. This dentist actually gave me some prescription toothpaste to see if it helps. He is the first dentist to tell me something other than there is nothing else I can do.

2. Being away from Chris for 8 days was the worst to date, but won't be the worst of the summer. At the end of July I am going to G-camp and he is going to debate camp. We will be separated for 17 days! I honestly don't know how I will do it. I will never understand what it is like to have a military husband and their wives have to be super amazing.

3. History trip = history reading kick. I am looking for my presidential biography to read this year. Last year it was John Adams. This year, I want to read Truman. But I need to find it at the library first.

4. I've had a month off of school and I am ready to start lesson planning now. It is looking more like I am going to be teaching 5th grade Science and Social Studies next year. My top two favorite subjects. It is going to be a fun year with all the stuff I have planned on pinterest so far.

5. Chris spray painted my hand the other day. (On accident and for a legitimate purpose). I am having a hard time getting all the paint off. It is red, so it just looks like blood.