Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Postmortal

This was a pretty depressing book. I was reading on my first two days of summer vacation and it didn't help my mood while I was doing nothing but laundry and other chores.

In this future United States, there is a cure for aging. If a person gets this cure, they can still die from cancer or a car accident, but they will not age.

The main character gets the cure at 29, while it is still illegal in the United States. Eventually, it become legal and chaos ensues. People no longer want to be married, because now it can be forever. Resources run out quickly because the population jumps with no one dying.

This guys life was just depressing. So many things just go wrong for him. The book's format is basically his blog and it follows about 80 years. In all this time, he is still 29.

I thought the author did a good job of imagining what life could be like in a society were there is no aging. I thought the consequences he described were realistic, even if they were depressing.