Friday, June 18, 2010

Vera Bradley

A long time ago, I was introduced to Vera Bradley. Her bags/purses are so amazing. And so expensive! (For me. I guess compared to $700 purses, these aren't bad at less than $100.

I was introduced to the bags when I worked at the BYU Bookstore in school supplies. One of my co-workers had convinced the head of the department to carry the bags. (The backpacks) So he contacted Vera Bradley who basically said "no".

Really? Who says no when someone wants to order from you. But it turns out that Vera Bradley is very exclusive and the stores who carry it have to fit a certain standard. So I had never seen a store carry them.

Until now. Chris and I went to some antique/speciality shops and they had a whole section of Vera Bradley.

I still love them. I the ones I love the most are the baby bags. Unless I decide to make a cuter one myself when the time comes, I am totally going to splurge to get one.