Friday, July 16, 2010


Chris and I had our last day of training before we can get hired as teachers today. We were talking to the guy who was sitting at the same table as us and it came up that we were all Mormon.

It came up that we went to BYU. He asked us what brought us to Texas. We told him that we were both from here and just went to Utah for school. And he said,

"So you guys are the some of the ones who went to BYU just to get married."

Oh my, I wanted to hit him. No, I did not go to BYU to get married. It wasn't even in my top ten reasons for going to BYU.

He was also up in Provo for the first time last week. He said he told his wife he should have gone to BYU because there were so many pretty girls there to choose from.

Here we have a case of a guy trying to be funny, but really just making people mad.