Saturday, July 17, 2010

Never Buy A Kodak

I consider myself a clumsy person, but I am very careful with expensive stuff. This one time I broke the top of an oil lamp of my parent's friends, and I felt horrible. So I try to not break the expensive stuffs. Pens and pencils I break all the time.

Well, I dropped my camera of four years last August.

Exhibit A
It has a lens error. Yes, it was opened when I dropped it. So we had to get another one. I did some research and chose a Kodak.

It broke within two weeks. And I promise that I didn't do anything. The shutter things stopped opening. We took it back to Best Buy. And they sent it to Kodak and we didn't hear anything. Well, we were about to move and I wanted my camera back. So we went back to Best Buy who couldn't really tell us anything except Kodak couldn't fix it, so they gave us our money back. Then we bought a Blu-ray player so we could watch Netflix on our big screen.

We didn't get another camera because I wanted to do some more research. And then we moved to Texas and we had to be tighter with our money. But we finally got another one and I decided to stick with Canon. It has been more than two weeks and it hasn't broke. I suspect it won't unless I drop it. But I will stick with Canon from now on.


Tara said...

I agree with you! Canon is the best and I will only buy their cameras! I LOVE mine