Monday, July 19, 2010

Teaching Philosophy

"I was successful because you believed in me." Ulysses S Grant to Abraham Lincoln

I saw this quote yesterday and I immediately knew that I needed to include it in my teaching philosophy.

I realized this quote was true not too long ago.

I have never been one to workout. In high school, I didn't need to. (I wish I would have known that then.) But then I started working at TCBY and we could have something free everyday we work. And then I gained weight.

I lost some of it, but later I got married. And I gained some more weight.

All during this time, I said I was going to start working out. And nobody believed me. It started to be a joke with all of us. I'd say I am going to run 3 times this week, and someone else would say "Yeah, right."

I'd joke that I got my exercise of the day by climbing the stairs up to my apartment. This went on for 5 years. The longest I ever worked out consistently was a few weeks.

Basically, nobody believed I would do it. And I didn't either.

I had to overcome that and I finally did. Now I work out. If I go a few days with out doing it, my family asks "what's wrong?" "Are you alright?"... I know that they believe I can do it. And it makes me not want to prove them wrong.

I wouldn't say that the only reason I didn't work out was because no one believed I would. But if everybody hadn't said "yeah, right" I would have had a better start.

This same principal applies in the classroom with students. They have to know that someone believes in them. And this is the number one reason why I want to teach. So many children do not have someone who believes in them. I see that in my primary class right now. One parent always apologizes that her son is disruptive and wants us to notify her if he ever misbehaves. And guess what? He is not a problem for us. I imagine that he is for her, because she expects that from him.

Teaching is my calling. And I know that I can make a difference in the lives of my students. Because I care and I believe that all children can succeed. I need to help them see it too.


Symantha said...

Rannie, I am so ridiculously happy for you. You deserve it! And you are going to be an awesome teacher. Congratulations, Mrs. M!

Randi said...

Sammie. It's Mrs. S. Do you know my name now? :)

Symantha said...


mauren said...

Fantastic philosophy, Randi! This world needs more teachers with that attitude. Thanks for sharing!