Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hire Me!

Did you know that I am looking for a job? A teaching job?

Did you also know that I am the best employee ever?

And finally, did you know that my number one weakness is interviews?

I do not joke about any of those things. I really want to be a teacher. I have for a while now and I first posted about it here.

And I am the best employee anyone will ever had. It is one of the few things I can say with 100% confidence.

BUT... I am so horrible at interviews! I do my best when I can draw upon the experience I have had, because that is how I learn best. But guess what. I have 0 teaching-children-in-a-real-classroom experience. The closest I have is teaching 9 year olds in Sunday School.

The last two jobs I had I was second choice. At SM, I am pretty sure they only hired me because they were hiring Chris and felt sorry for me. They even put me in verification, ew. But that didn't last long and soon it was clear I was a superstar. (P.S. The HR person told me before I left I was the highest paid person in my department, and our pay was based on sales.)

At the BYU Bookstore, I was literally the second choice. They called to tell me they picked someone else. And then they called later in the week to say she didn't work out. And then I ended up being Employee of the Month in January 2007. My picture was hanging in the Bookstore and everything. (I can't believe I never got a picture of that.) Obviously, I was awesome.

My point is, there is always someone who looks better than me on paper and sounds better than me in an interview. But when it comes to actually doing the work and being awesome, I do that!

How do I know I will be good at teaching? I care about children and I want to help all children realize that they can be and do whatever they want. I want to teach them to be good people and to help others.
And I can manage a classroom. And I can differentiate instruction and find ways to involve all types of students in my classroom. And I follow instructions well from my supervisors. Tell me to do something else, try something else... I'll do it.

So if a principal stumbles on my page and doesn't find me arrogant based on this post (I promise I am not.) Give me a chance. You will not be sorry. You don't want to be the one who let me get away.