Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Tuesday?

1. My kids have their own language. I am slowly learning it. I know not to "mean mug" someone. Last week we were making a poster to advertise a side of the civil war. The students had to come up with a slogan for the side they chose. One girl's was "Fight against slavery because the south is just janky." She came up and asked me with that was okay. I said yes, but then had to catch myself. I couldn't really say yes without knowing what janky was. But it fits, it means to be messed up.

2. On Friday one of my boys asked me if the Egyptians were still building the pyramids when I was born.

3. Want to tell someone to stay out of your business? Instead of saying "This is an A and B conversation" say "Stay out of the Kool-Aid." Which is short for "Stay out of the Kool Aid because you don't know what flavor it is"

4. I ran my face into a large plastic eye today.

5. And I am undecided about a purse. I went shopping yesterday and they are so expensive! I think I will just borrow one from my mother/sister in law. They have dozens each.


Tammy said...

It surprises me that your kids are still using slang that I was using 15 years ago. Tell them I said that too. All up in the kool aid came from my generation. And mean mug, seriously? I was using that when I was 15 and that was 19 years ago.