Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It feels like Tuesday

But thankfully it is not.

1. The time change was over a week ago. Stop complaining about it. ADJUST.

2. Now it is dark when I wake up. Before if I woke up and it was dark I would think "That is okay, I didn't miss my alarm." Now I freak out and have to check my phone for the time.

3. I am not complaining about the time change. I am complaining that my brain just can't trust that I did things. I obsessively check my alarm to make sure it is on every night.

4. I am trying to introduce my kids to Jimmer as a verb. With the TAKS test in 7 days, I am trying to get them excited to "Jimmer the TAKS test." Just a little boost while our days are spent reviewing. Tomorrow I am going to show them this video.

5. And then Friday I am going to show them this one.

I try to introduce them to new things.