Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Talking Tuesday

1. Whenever I watch 24 and a time comes up, I briefly feel how tired I would be at that time. For example, if the time is 10pm-11pm I would think "It is time for bed." 3am-4am? "Why am I not sleeping, I am so tired! "5pm-6pm" I just need a quick nap after work.

2. Chris and I both work in Navasota now so we can carpool to work. We are saving like $60 a week on gas. Maybe more since gas prices are so high now. It is really awesome.

3. I am super-duper excited for spring break, but even more excited for summer. I love teaching, but it is exhausting! Chris told me once "Summer is a teacher's way of getting back at parents."

4. I recently realized that as long as I stay a teacher, I will never have to work a Christmas break. And I never had so far. I have always been able to ask off for work or find someone to cover my shift. Those are my benefits.


Symantha said...

You're funny.