Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Comin'-At-You Tuesday

Miss me? Here is a new segment on this blog here. I don't have a better name for it. I shortened it from "I don't have a real blog post, but I like lists so I'll make lists here instead of blog posts." Make sense?

1. Brandon Davies got kicked off the BYU Basketball team for an honor code violation. Really? That "really" is not for BYU, but for Davies. You had a chance to go to the NCAA finals. Why mess that up with an honor code violation. Have no idea what he did, or when he did it. But hello? It's not like the honor code was a surprise. I guess we'll see how BYU plays tomorrow night.

2. I found a cheap bribe for my students. Ice. They love it. Yesterday I had some in class to practice reading thermometers. And they just begged and begged me for some. Finally I made a deal that if they worked quietly, I would let them have some. And it worked. Don't think I could try it too many times though. 

 3. We got a new lunch menu yesterday and today was Stuffed Pizza sticks! I had some like a month ago and they were so good. I've been waiting that long to have them again. I was so excited for lunch today. I took one picture without the banana. I figured I should add it so you could see I had something healthy.

4. This is the fad in school this week. And they are already starting to die out; I am a little behind the times. I have picked up so many of these in class the last two weeks. My drawers are full of colored plastic string. The thing is, you really have to have patience to do these. Why can't they have that kind of focus on math?

5. I said Crap in front of my students yesterday. It wasn't my best moment, but I had messed up something. And some of my students freaked out. It was funny for about 20 seconds. 


Jannette said...

I was a little disappointed with Davies and then the horrible game that followed. It's interesting to see that the plastic string things have made it back into the schools... I did those all the time in middle school.