Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It feels like Wednesday

But it is still Tuesday

1. How Do You Know is a really boring, slow movie. It is basically pointless as a movie. But I kept watching it because I like Paul Rudd.

2. TAKS test in on Monday. My first real one. Some days I feel really confident but other times I don't. Today was a confident day. Hopefully it was for the kids too.

3. One my phone I make a list of things I want to write on my blog about. One of the items I have on there is "eating." Just the word "eating." I don't remember what that means. But, I like to eat. Maybe that is what I wanted to tell you. But anyone who knows me already knows that. So I don't really remember.

4. I accidently took a nap from 6:45-7:15 tonight. Which means that Randi will not be able to go to sleep tonight.

5. I decided to give the show Park and Recreations another shot. It isn't as good as The Office, but I like it this time around. As a TV-on-DVD show. Not one to watch every week.

6. My kids are always obsessed with how someone died. Yesterday we were talking about Thomas Edison and they had to know. (He died of complications from diabetes, if you were curious.) Before we talked about John Wilkes Booth and they were just obsessed with him. I don't get it sometimes.

7. And sorry this post was so boring. Should I throw some controversy in here?

Making the bed is stupid.