Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Office Part III


Michael Scott:Corporate shut down the Buffalo branch, which left us to absorb all of their clients. I will tell you, there has been work, everyday. Had to come in on a Saturday... to retrieve-- I left my cell phone here.


Jan:How would a movie increase productivity, Michael? How on earth would it do that?
Michael Scott:People work faster after.
Michael Scott:No. They have to, to make up for the time they lost watching the movie.


Michael Scott:Dwight is an obvious candidate for my job. He has the best sales record in the office, loves the work, he is however, an idiot.


Dwight Schrute:What was your mile time?
Toby:'Bout seven.
Dwight Schrute:Heh, I could beat that on a skateboard.
Toby:Well that has wheels.


Michael Scott:Um actually I'm sending Ryan on a top secret mission. Tell her what it is.
Ryan:Updating emergency contacts?
Pam Beesly:Well, is that really a priority?
Michael Scott:Is it a priority? Oh I dunno. Um, what if there's a tornado, Pam? Peoples legs are crushed under rubble. 'Please, would you be so kind as to call my wife?' No, I can't, because we don't have any emergency contact information because Pam said it wasn't a priority. Think, think with your head Pam.


Michael Scott:New York, New York. City so nice they named it twice. Manhattan is the other name.


Toby:We're not all gonna sit in a circle Indian style, are we?
Michael Scott:Get out. No this is not a joke. It was offensive and lame, so double offensive. This is an environment of welcoming and you should just get the hell out of here.



Charlie Down Under said...

OMG that was SOOO funny.