Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beggars in Spain

My new finished book. This as the most science-fiction book I have ever read. And completely not what I expected.

Sometime in the near future, genetic doctors have found a way to create babies that don't need sleep. They are called "sleepless." Everyone else is called "sleepers."

What do all these sleepless do in their spare time? Become freaking smart and become better than everyone else. As they grow up, some of the sleepers start to resent the sleepless. That is the basic sumise.

However, the book has a more philosophical twist. The title comes from a scenario that the sleepless use to describe their actions. If one beggar asks you for a dollar and you are able to give it to them, you probably will. Maybe even 2 or 3 beggars. But what if 100 beggars ask you for a dollar. Do you give it to them? The sleepless felt like the sleepers were beggars draining them of their resources without holding up any end of a contract.

Of course, not every sleepless felt that way. Which is what the basic plot line is. One person contradicts what her community believes and the book follows her story.

I really liked the beginning and the ending. The middle dragged on a bit. But there are 2 other books in the series which are automatically added to my to-read list.

This book has some language. Not a lot, but it is still there. Other than that, there were no other concerns.


Symantha said...

I hope you know that because you post a new book so fast I decided to read for fun yesterday instead of doing homework. Totally worth it.