Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Day Before Wednesday

1. My blog is becoming lists and book reviews. I like doing the book reviews, and these lists are a neat little way to tell everyone who reads my thoughts. There will be more book reviews coming.

2. I have noticed that I have hated the ending of the last couple of books I have read. There seems to be a trend in YA literature (trend=the books I read) that says the love interest in the story has to die. Can't anyone live happily ever after anymore?

3. I got my itinerary for my east coast trip this week. I get to go to Harper's Ferry, Monticello, Washington D.C. (a whole free day there), Antietam, the Confederate White House, Williamsburg, and 4 other days of stuff.

4. I put mentos into soda the first time last week. We were doing it as an experiment in science on Friday and I wanted to test it out first. It was kind of a shock how much that soda shot up. My students loved it. One girl was so doubtful and said "I don't think it is going to do anything. I think it is just going to shoot up a little bit and then fall back down." She had already set herself up for disappointment. She was way excited when I drew her name to help me with it though.

5. There are 11 days left of school. But if you take out a field trip, splash party, field day, and the last two half days of schools, that number seems much more manageable.