Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday! Tuesday!

1. Last week most of my boys happened to all wear the same color one day. They decided that was cool so they would do it everyday. One tuesday they wore blue and on wednesday they wore black. It is something girls do, but it was quite funny that they boys did it too.

2. I did see Something Borrowed this weekend. It got horrible reviews, but I really liked it. Chris and Charleah liked it ever more. They laughed so much. But they are giggle-ers, so that is to be expected.

3. My girls at school are jump roping at recess now. It brings back memories. They all try to beat each other at the jumps, but it is hard to beat anyone when you just give up. Seriously, around 25, they will just stop jumping.

4. I jumped rope this week. Afterwards I got calls of "You still got it Mrs. Stowe!" Didn't know I lost it. Or that I was in dangers of losing it.

5. And I was a hero on Friday at school. The football got kicked into the community pool area at recess. Using my arm and a stick, I freed it. I was a hero for 30 seconds before they forgot.

6. 16 days left of school!


Symantha said...

Your kids are funny. And I want to see that movie, so I'm glad you liked it.