Saturday, May 7, 2011

World War Z

This book was different. I have never like Zombies and have never read a zombie book, but I decided to be flexible and try it. I still don't necessarily like zombies; they are too undead.

The book was written a few years after a Zombie War which affected everyone on the planet. Max Brooks goes around the world collecting stories from people affected by it. So the book is divided up into sections of people telling their story. It starts with the first signs of zombies, with doctors telling when they first noticed something. It goes through citizens, military leaders, governmental leaders all giving their point of view. There was the "Great Panic" where basically everyone panicked. Then there was the actual war when each country came up with a strategy to beat the zombies.

I liked the beginning the best. I am not really one to read about major battles, even the real ones. It was interesting for the author to included all countries of the world, which ones survived and which ones panicked the most.

This is so not appropriate for RS Book club. It is about war and zombies, so don't expect it to be 100% clean.