Sunday, May 15, 2011


Another book done. And another dystopian society one.

In this society they have found the cure for love. When everyone turns 18 they have the procedure to rid them of the "disease." There is no love for children, friends, or spouses. And because there is no love, there is no pain caused by people. Hence why love is thought of as a disease.

The book follows Lena who is about to have the procedure to rid herself of the disease. But, gasp, something happens that makes her questions exactly everything she has ever thought. She had been looking forward to the procedure so she could lose the pain of losing her mother, but then she meets a boy. And she realizes that she would rather die loving someone that live loving no one.

I liked the story. I did feel like that writing was too fluffy. I skipped whole pages because the author spent a lot of times describing feelings and surroundings of the characters. I couldn't care less about that stuff. I just want the story!

The book has some language, so it is not RS book club approved. But it would be rated PG-13.