Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am going to assume that everyone who reads my blog is not a smoker. If you are, stop now. I find it one of the disgusting habits ever. I realize that it is addicting. What's better: Death? or Smoking? Having Money? Or spending money on cigarettes?

Last week Chris and I were on a bus to take us back to our car after the rodeo. One of the guys who was directing the buses stops to light up and continues directing. Not really a big deal, but he was working. Could he really not wait another hour before he lit up?

And then last Saturday we ran into someone we know who smokes and she smelled so bad. I could hardly stand next to her and I could still smell smoke after we left the store 15 minutes later.

Then I saw these ads online. They are non-smoking ads. I don't know if they affect anyone who smokes, but maybe it will have someone think twice about lighting up.

Also, if you are a teenage who only does it because your friends smoke, that is a stupid reason. In ten years (or less) you will wish you never had done it.