Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I took a TEXES test on Friday. It's like the PRAXIS but for Texas. (Texas is awesome and has all of it's own tests). This one was for Elementary-Early Childhood to Sixth Grade.

I had taken a few practice question sets and failed all of them. I needed an 80% to pass and I got 69%s and 75%s.

I just got the results in.

And I got an 89% which is good enough! I am so stinking excited. This means that I could get hired to teach any of those grades right now if I wanted to. But I probably won't get a job until next year.

This is such a relief. While I would love to teach social studies and history (the other tests I have passed), those teaching jobs seem harder to come by. And they are reserved for coaches at some school districts.

Having this on my resume will make it so much easier to get a job. And honestly, I am warming up to the idea of teaching 4th or 5th grade. Primary is helping with that.