Monday, March 1, 2010

Resolution Assessment

Two months down already. I feel like time is moving faster. But here is an update on some of my resolutions.

1. I read 7 books this month. I am back on track to read 40 books this year.

2. I lost 10 inches, 6 pounds and worked out 19 times in February.

3. I made a present for someone's birthday. (Chris's sister's birthday is on Thursday, so I can't tell what it is yet.)

4. I think I cooked at least 4 new recipes this month. I did at least 3.

5. I am practicing a song to play with our ward choir. I am kind of scared to play with other people singing, but I am trying my hardest.

6. I got two jobs. I turned one down and decided to sub as much as I can so I can get my foot in the door and get a teaching job. So far, my first subbing experience will be on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully I like it.