Friday, December 23, 2011

Charleah and Steven

Look at the happy couple! They are finally engaged! It wasn't something that took too long, I was just getting a bit impatient. Steven had been planning it for a couple of weeks and kind of through Charleah off a bit. She was mostly surprised that we all knew about it and that we were able to keep it a secret. 

Besides Steven, Sammie had to do the most work. She knew about the ring, and helped Steven planned it a bit. She almost let it slip to Charleah once when she accidently texted Charleah instead of Steven, but she caught that in time. 

Charleah does not approve of these pictures. But she doesn't read this anyways, so she will never know.

I am most definitely excited that I can use my Pinterest Wedding board to plan a wedding. Which I was supposed to do before I turned 25, but I guess I will settle for before 27.