Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Down to One Week

There is just one week left until the favorite child returns. It seems like just a week ago there were two weeks left.

Here are some snippets from some of the letters that he has written. I only edited a few of them to make them more understandable.

thanks for explaining the whole school thing to me but to be honest i was not really paying attention as i was reading it

that would be way fun.( winky face but not in a creepy cerial killer kind of way you dig)

Alright my comp is going to poo his pants, so I got to go.

Remember last week I said my comp was about to poo his pants? Well he did. Yep, it was the most sick thing i ever saw.( nasty disgusted face). 

[signed] elder x mcclellan (dont even want to know what the x stands for) ( shocked face) 

oh need to know about a song. something about rolling and getting McDonald's, shorty. dame some lyrics por favor.

so you asked me a whole bunch of questions that im not going to answer.

boy drama is actually becoming my new favorite topic. haha. i personally think that she should just move on to the next stud muffin. Why not the baker made more then a couple dozen. haha ( like that reference to God creating man? I thought it up myself. Feel free to share it if you like)

and im not going to lie i hate that show glee people are obsessed here with it.