Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chris's Project

In the middle of Thanksgiving break, Chris realized there was money to make out there. Using Amazon and the Power of the Kindle.

He asked both Sam and I if we read The Scarlet Letter in high school. Our response, "I was supposed to but I never did."

So, he has created a study guide/cliff's notes/shorter version of the Study Guide.

The Scarlet Letter in 15 Minutes

He has been working on it in his "free" time the last month. He read the whole book several times and has chapter by chapter analysis. And since Chris is so smart, its gonna be good.

If you want to support him to help him out on the rankings, it is only $.99. And then if you actually use it, review it.


Jannette said...

I too was supposed to read it, however never did. But yay for Chris!! This looks awesome! I would totally buy it if I had a kindle. :)