Friday, December 2, 2011

The House at Riverton-Kate Morton

I don't remember how I found this book. When I am out of books to read, I usually browse amazon through lists that people made that have books on it that I have read and liked. I figure that if they liked a book I liked, then we might have something in common.

This book was a bit of a slow read. It goes back in forth in two different areas in Grace's life. Grace used to be a maid at the house at Riverton and as she is about to die, she is telling her story to her grandson.

She kept a secret her whole life and at the end of it, she is finally read to tell that secret.

I liked the story. I don't like how the author set up to tell the story with Grace telling it right before she was about to die. There were a lot of parts that I skimmed through because there were too many details. But there were some twists that I did not see coming which is why I liked it so much. It was a really good story and I love finding books like this. It isn't mainstream but it is still worth the read.