Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Woodcutter-Reginald Hill

This was a weird book. I almost didn't get past the first couple of pages. It starts very cryptically without any names. At the beginning there are several short chapters about mystery characters who we know nothing about. I usually don't push through books that keep me in the dark from the very first chapter. Also, it was really long and not an easy read. But, it is one of those books where you know nothing is going to come together until the end.  I do like that. 

It tells the story of Wolf, a woodcutter's son who marries a princess (in the modern day.) He lives a fairy tale for 15 years before he is arrested and accused of horrible crimes. You are unsure if he is really every innocent or guilty of those crimes. Years later when he is finally released from jail, he wants some type of revenge. The chapters move between Wolf and his psychologist nicknamed "Elf." She is worried he will relapse but the more she finds about his case, the more sympathetic to him she becomes. 

Towards the end, I couldn't stop reading it. Although it took a lot to get there. I am really surprised I made it all the way through, but I am glad I did.