Monday, December 5, 2011

It Works!

This is my desktop. And it is the first time I have seen my desktop in 3 months. My mac started acting up on me and would freeze after being on it for more than 5 minutes. And then it just wouldn't turn on past a gray screen. So I put it aside hoping to get all my data off of it before I took it to get fixed.

Well, finally I realized I was never going to be able to get anything off it and finally took it to the Mac store on Saturday. 3 months after it stopped working. Can you say "procrastinator?"I just used my work computer which I hated lugging back and forth everyday for work stuff and Chris's computer for other stuff. But I didn't have my pictures or my silhouette software or photoshop elements or my book list or anything fun!

Finally Chris asked me to do something and I realized I was going to need some of that stuff for Christmas coming up so I just got it fixed.

And now it works. So far. I am still a little nervous about it though.. Because the genius lab said they might have to replace the hard drive or hard drive bracket but they just ended up doing some software thing and it was fixed. And they didn't charge me the $60-$180 I was expecting. So score there.

Here's hoping it stays fixed. And I am going to back it all up for the future. Nothing like the threat of losing all my pictures to scare me into doing it.